Top 6 Scenic Walks for Families in the Sydney Area

Whether your baby is wrapped snug to your chest, or your older children are joining you for some exercise, you’ll relish the picturesque opportunities in our gorgeous locale. The best walks for families in the Sydney region have astounding views.

Enjoy an athletic trek with your energetic group, or take your time on a slow stroll to take in the views. Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather, and you’ll enjoy a memorable experience along any of these routes:

Manly to Balgowlah Coastal Path

The start of this scenic walkway is ideal for a stroller, with a smooth, easy path through Fairlight. Enjoy scenic views of the harbour, with plenty of opportunities for gazing at docked boats. During warmer weather, you can enjoy a buzzing and lively scene as other families frequent this route as well. The route runs through various settings, adjacent to beaches and even a grassland area. If you have a younger child, do make sure to hold tight to your little one’s hand in the grassy reserve area, as you’ll encounter some fairly steep areas next to rocks and sea. If your brisk walk finds you in need of refreshment, you’ll enjoy the cafe at the turnaround point where you can stop and refuel.

Getting here: Take a ferry from Manly Wharf, take a bus, or enjoy street parking or a 2-hour car park nearby.

Sydney Harbour Nature Paths

Enjoy fresh air and a sense of calm on a peaceful walk along the pathways in Sydney Harbour National Park. You might spot the noteworthy red-and-white striped lighthouse, a perfect structure against the coastline of cerulean blue water. From June to November, bring your binoculars, as you might catch sight of spouting whales in the harbour.

There are a few trails to choose from in this nature park, but the Hermitage Foreshore track in this park provides especially easy walking for young ones, along with spots to set a blanket and enjoy a picnic.

Getting here: You can take public transport, bike, or a car to this park. Enjoy as much time as you want here, with hours extending from sunrise to sunset.

Coogee Clifftops Walk

This coastal walk is best for those travelling with older children and teens, as it does present a bit of a physical challenge with some staircases and occasional steep inclines. But if you’re up to the task, you’ll be thrilled with the sights. Along the way, you can enjoy an all-important toilet stop and an opportunity to catch your breath at many gorgeous waterside rest areas. Enjoy amazing scenes of the bays and rock pools; you’ll even enjoy sightings of wildlife in the fresh, open expanse.

Getting here: Take public transport (there’s a bus stop nearby) or bring your car. There’s a place to park at Coogee Beach. 


Photo: Sydney Coastal Walks

Cremorne Point Foreshore Walk

Take a 10-minute ferry ride from Circular Quay and enjoy this location that Hello Sydney Kids describes as ‘a little slice of heaven’. Cremorne Point is a natural haven complete with tall trees through which to peer at the city beyond. Bring your bathing attire on a beautiful day and enjoy a dip in the pretty pool, set parallel to the harbour. For your walking part of the trip, you’ll appreciate the smooth path, with only a couple of staircase areas to navigate. Again, do hold tight to the hand of any little ones, as there are some seaside steep drops in some areas.

Getting here: Try the ferry, or take a drive to Bogata Avenue and begin your journey. 

Sydney International Regatta Centre Walks

In addition to hosting a variety of facilities for sporting events, this site of the 2000 Sydney Olympics and Paralympics hosts a 5km path perfect for a family jaunt. Take in the placid waters of Penrith Lakes, man-made bodies of water built as a scenic byproduct of a quarry operation. The Blue Mountains hover in the background, part of the Central Tablelands region. The park lands in this area are peaceful, with plenty of green space to enjoy and trees that create natural beauty. There are several toilets along the way, so you won’t be too far from respite as you enjoy the day with the young ones. If you have a chance, stop by the Environmental Education Centre for an illuminating look into the local natural environment.

Getting here: Enjoy free parking onsite, or take public transport to Penrith Station, then take a taxi to the Regatta Centre. Be sure to check the opening hours before you go as they can vary, based on events occurring at this popular venue.

Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

This protected area in the northern part of Sydney is truly a sort of scenic gold. Multiple walks are available through the bush and near water views. You can even enjoy a glimpse of significant history with your family by your side, as you take an Aboriginal Heritage walk taking a look at very old rock art. (Note: This route is most appropriate for families with athletic teens as it’s quite steep, so make sure to assess your family’s needs.)

The America Bay walking trail in this park is somewhat less difficult, with some short steep hills along the way, but less gradient overall. You’ll also be greeted with some splendid ancient engravings on the America Bay path. Enjoy a scenic picnic and encounter a waterfall along this route. Remember to be cautious with the ancient artwork, and observe the signs with regard to not touching the engravings. The artwork and beauty of the park continues to exist through the careful appreciation of its visitors.

Getting here: Enjoy large parking areas or even take the bikes if you’re feeling adventurous. Public transport can also be an option. 

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